#Hawt #HipHop with a #HighFashion Vibe By The #Eklectionist


Don’t Ever think that a Hip Hop feel will diminish your Glamorous, Upper Echelon Vibe. If you know style, you know that Blowing people away with QUALITY Cultural looks, can be pulled off in the most Awe striking Ways. 

Here are some Hawt Examples of Women Pulling this off, seamlessly. Do you think it takes away from their Status in life? Comment Below!



❤ Kay Diouf    XOXO


#ThighHighs with Hawt #Styles by the #Eklectionist


Hey Ladies! Let me tell you one thing I realized about Thigh Highs… They are HAWWTT! Seriously, I think this is one of my favorite looks! Thigh Highs Paired with an Oversized Shirt Dress, Wrap Dress or Chic Dress. Either way, if you have curves you will have people drooling! And if you don’t well… you BETTER have these thangz styled right! No matter what you throw on with a thigh high boot, you should bring out your Swag to do this Style Justice, this can turn out a shy girl…. ahem….

This look gives off a Toying nature which can bring out the Seductress in anyone, and you will snap some necks hunni!

&&& Here are some Strapping Alternatives to the boot! Cute right??!! What are you waiting for??

Comment Pics of you Slaying This Look!

❤ Kay Diouf


Another #GirlCrush for #wcw by the #Eklectionist … FT the #Sassy #Seductive #Showgirl #ArianaGrande


Who is your Girl Crush? Our Generation has so many potentials!! There is no secret why I would have Miss Ariana Grande as a Girl Crush… She does the Ultimate Voice Impressions of Legendary Singers…. She’s only 23 but She has so much Style, Sass and Seduction on her side, it’s almost unbearable. With the little ears she likes to throw on, the first thing that comes to mind is #SexKitten BUT I may be a little jealous LOL I love this girl. Here is why!

ari1ari2ari3ari4ari6Ariana Grande In Concert - New York, New Yorkari8ari9ari10ari11

❤ Kay Diouf

#GirlCrush Announcement >> #Bold and #Beautiful #Zendaya by the #Eklectionist


Girl Crush Report:

Took some CA-UTE pics of this Amazing lady off google. Why? Not only is she GORGEOUS and Versatile in her looks, she’s talented in SO MANY WAYS (I recently saw he doing her makeup and my goodness she’s like her very own MUA) She is Bold, She is Silly and she makes you feel like she could be your #Bestie right??

Anywho – Enjoy the pics!


And she has her own Barbie!!!


She even makes FELICIA look good LOL


❤ Kay Diouf

To #Feather or NOT to Feather #Eklectionist #Insight #NewMUATrend


As a generation that takes pride in how beautiful they eyebrows are… how perfectly shaded, plucked and tamed (but hopefully natural) they look…. WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS THIS NEW FEATHERING THING IS CUTE FOR A DAY TO DAY STYLE?? nooooooo!!!

Here are some nice Avant-garde Photos where the artists added in a cool feathered Brow…. 

Here are some Nice Makeup pics with the Horrible new #MakeupTrend that has me so worried… What do you think?

❤ Kay Diouf

#CAPTIVATION : A Selection of #Timeless #Fashion Photos #Eklectionist Approved


Whether it is the Model’s Intensity, the Power of the lighting, The contrast of the Style, or the Concept of the Design… These #Fashion photos are by far my Favorite thus far. I hope they entrance you as much as they did I.



❤ Kay Diouf

Tips to Help your #Teen with #Fashion by the #Eklectionist


So, let’s not kid ourselves….. Kids have come a long way in the looks department, in large part to our Vain Generation. We are obsessed with our Eyebrows, lips and generally looking flawless. We body shame, they body shame, we talk one way, they parrot that back into their language (things have different meanings now… apparently “bro” is a bad thing to call someone, who knew!) All that in mind, you know that when you were in High school and I DO MEAN HIGH SCHOOL (I am not promoting middle school cuteness sorry) We wanted to look pretty. We wanted people to notice us for our beautiful features and not for that time we threw up in class freshman year…. we wanted people to LIKE us, and who likes someone that can’t put themselves together right? 

SO if you have a  teen (Or if you are a teen… HEY GIRL) check out the approved by me styles to try this year or next. (Gradually introducing new garments is usually better than going all out and shocking everyone, you want it to look seamless, effortless, like you don’t care, even when your anxiety is telling you to run!) Check them out and I would love your feedback!!

P.S. Remember to NEVER wear a top that shows your stomach, cause that’s inappropriate and you will look scandalous, and if you are wearing a skirt, wear spanks underneath… you don’t want a Marylin Moment 😉 



❤ Kay Diouf

AZ Style Alert #Eklectionist and #WhitePrivilege


I am saddened to say that the style scene of Scottsdale AZ (For women) is very lacking. It is cookie cutter at best at Hipster at most. You get the vibe of privilege to the extreme… I blame this mainly on the college lifestyle that conquers the Tempe area and spills over into the Scottsdale clubs and beyond. But even if they were not there paving the way for mediocrity…. There would still be no life in the garments. It saddens me to say this because I love my Beloved Scottsdale. But we need to spruce it up! … Here are some examples


Do you know what I see in these photos? Fear. Complacency. Fashion Flops.

Women in this city are scared to get out there and make a wave with their Body Feng Shui, not make a ripple with their conformity. Their outfits Scream, I live a Privileged life and I want to look like it forever to the tee! Remember that girl next door you saw jogging down the street? yeah there are like a million clones of her around here… I’m just saying. #NoShade let’s mix it up!

A Tip for the trendy girl, trying to pull off Edge. If it Scares you, DO IT. Half the battle of true fashion, true style… is Confidence. If you ave confidence in your look, others will follow suit. Try one of these looks below new time you look in the mirror and see one of the outfits above!


❤ Kay Diouf

#Boss and #Bold #StreetStyle of #Milan – #Eklectionist Approved!


I am in love with Milan fashion week. the one place I would love to cover, the one place I would love to shine, but until that day comes, I bow down to the styles and fashions of this continuous runway show. No matter where you are in Milan, a back alley, the streets, a show or a runway, you are a part of THE SHOW. Check out some Inspirational BOSS status styles I found!!



❤ Kay Diouf

Multi-Colored Hair, #Eklectionist wants to know, Do YOU Dare?


A great Hair Fashion Trend I am seeing more frequently among my own generation ’89 (not just the kids) … is the Multi-Colored hair. But I am not talking about the crazy punk/emo neon hair, I ma talking about the same colors on a more tones down basis, mixed with natural colors… in some AMAZING ways.

One of my favorites is the Silver/Grey and Blue combo, because it’s such a soothing look that whether you are being wild or Classy, it works!

Here are some awesome looks! Send your pictures in! ❤



❤ Kay Diouf