How you know you live in a white world…


Tonight I was trying to find pictures of beautiful women of all shades to throw together a beautiful array of humanity for my blog. Naturally I went to Google. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any white women that looked naturally beautiful from my search on stunning white women. So I thought, maybe if I just say beautiful woman, it will bring up all different shades of women and their beauty! So I type in beautiful woman….. Shocking…. No variation of shade… Only white women pop up… Out of curiosity I did the same for handsome men… Sure enough only white men pop up… I am not blaming #Google … I am blaming our society… You can’t tell me only white women are beautiful in this world especially when the photos that pop up are of women wearing a ton of makeup or photo shopped. It’s sad and biased and idk how to change it but it definitely should be more universal. Maybe it’s my phone telling google I’m a white girl? I don’t even know. I would love to hear your thoughts. Post the most beautiful photo of you in there comments and show the world your shade!


❤ Kay Diouf


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