What Makes a Heel Classy?

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Ladies, have you heard of Hooker heels? Well there is a step after that in the heel department that can have you looking like less of a lady than you would think!

Check out the heel on the left Vs. the right.


Notice the difference?

Let me tell you!

While the Heel on the left may be cute, or there may be a design that is just CALLING to you so you ignore the platform feature… It is best to steer clear. These are the heels you wear in high school or your early twenties to go to the club. These are cheap and look cheap so if you care about that, find something else!

The classy woman would prefer the heel to the right, because they flatter but don’t scream Cheap! Even if they are cheap in monetary value they are not cheap to the onlooker and the judgmental foes of our blended society. The heel to the left for example… DO NOT WEAR IT TO WORK and for good reason, the right heel is more sophisticated and will not only make you the envy of the office but you will also have a better chance at being taken seriously as a Business Professional.

So To Recap, Left = Young and Cheap … Right = Mature and Sophisticated

Questions anyone?


3 thoughts on “What Makes a Heel Classy?

  1. I agree platforms can look tacky, and as a rule the less shoe there is, the worse it looks. A hidden platform up to 1.5cm can look good and could look more professional than a sandal, especially in more conservative surroundings. Also of course it depends on the rest of the outfit, a big platform paired with more demure bootcut or flared trousers can look amazing.

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  2. I agree. Those huge platfoems remind me of stripper and hooker shoes, and most women look like Herman Munster trying to walk in them. Save them for the bedroom.


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