Stylish and Classy: Looks to KILL

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I am absolutely in love with many variations of this style.

First of all, I am short, so what short girls need to know is that we CANNOT wear long skirts etc without looking like pudgy nuns (for the most part, but there are always the girls that look hot in anything) SO  for the rest of us, these looks are perfection!

Now, that’s not to say I am opposed to modesty, quite the contrary actually. I love a Lady to be covered, but in the right way. SO she doesn’t look like a street walker but also doesn’t look like a grandma or a worn out Housewife (sorry ladies not all of us wear it well <3)


The look to the left is very casual and artsy. Pulling together the Flared High Waist Skirt with the striped long sleeve could have made for a nice getup, but the open fishers type vest brings in the grunge/rebel side and makes it a completely different outfit, while also bringing a certain chic with the all black thigh highs. Oh and I just love how she threw in the Long hippie necklace, as if to say she doesn’t care, it’s all effortless… but you can’t fool me! 😉

The center look is all about Girlie Edge, trendy jacket with lace up (but not trashy) knee High Boots a soft dress, bulky but blended bag (can’t forget the bulky but still feminine watch) and a scarf to seal in the look. The great thing is that all of the neutral colors are tied in so nothing has to match completely but everything still flows.

AND then we have the Trendy City Girl look to the right which touches my soul! I could do without the platforms in the shoe but in this case, THE SHOE FITS. The Button up, that’s buttoned ALL the way up? Perfection in it’s entirety. Print brings the flare into the look as well as the necklace that ALMOST blends in giving it a nice detail, and then the red to make the look POP.


Well Played Ladies WELL PLAYED.



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