City Royals are Making Waves Already! #PhoenixFashionWeek #Eklection Approved!

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Well City Royals Menswear Shop of Scottsdale AZ is seriously making a name for itself. Not only do they have a GORGEOUS owner Veronica Royals (Below Middle) and her Sisters.


They recently collaborated on a runway show for Phoenix Fashion Week “Spring into Style”(Photos Below) and they killed it! For being a brand new business out here they sure know how to make their presence known! And for the Men of Arizona who NEED this outlook, it is much appreciated ladies (AZ Men’s Style seems to be a little outdated… and if you think I’m wrong Prove it, I Dare YOU!) oh and send pics πŸ˜‰

City Royals Brings flavor and swag to Phoenix in a way no other boutique is doing. They are not just stepping into the urban scene they are taking it further and giving us that sense of edge into the initiation of New Brands and New Styles. Let’s just say they are getting ahead of the game out here. Make sure you like their FB Page… Like … NOW >>> City Royals Menswear Shop


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