Actor, Model, Poet, Nurse and #InspirationalWoman #Eklection Approved

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Jules Nobles… She is what every girl is.. and more! An entrepreneur, a career woman, an Artist, a Caring Soul and a Role Model.


Speaking with Jules was like speaking with an old friend, she has that Girlish Charm we all love, she has spunkΒ and she has… well… #Swag. She started modeling as a teen and enjoyed it because who doesn’t like to look pretty right? But it didn’t have enough Voice for her, so throughout her years she worked on her Poetry and got involved in Acting. Acting is her passion, not because she loves to be someone else (Because don’t we all sometimes lol) But because Acting allows her to be a voice, be an image and partake in all things glamorous about our dear entertainment industry. Speaking with her about acting, she divulged there is so much more to acting than just being on stage, you get to be that beautiful model when doing photo shoots and premiers… You get to do spoken word (Poetry for those of you that are not familiar) and you still get that adrenaline rush while performing which is, very nice to have every once in a while. (Makes you feel alive right?)


(Marjoni McBride : Photographer Β – Aja Boatwright: MUA)

The coolest thing is that when she is not on camera or on stage… She’s helping people! Jules is a Nurse and I love that because that not only shows she’s a real person, but it shows she’s a CARING person. And we all love a caring person right? Beauty is only skin deep until you start digging. So dig in to Jules πŸ˜‰ and check out her site cause it’s fabulous! This girl has a lot going on, and a lot coming up! She’s in New York so we all know things happen there lol . Stay tuned for more on Jules Nobles and her shenanigans, we should be getting some behind the scenes looks of some of her exciting new events coming up!

❀ Kisses!


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