The Right and Wrong ways to present your Child Model #Eklection Insight

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When it comes to Kids Fashion, we all have an opinion. Whether it’s that kids shouldn’t be in that world at all and they should be allowed just BE KIDS, or that there should be an age requirement etc. But one thing will stand, there is a way to do it and a way NOT to do it.

Either go Simple and serious… (If they are wearing makeup is should look like they are not, don’t do lip gloss cause any tint or gloss can push the look over into glam, no eye shadow or blush needed.. NO MASCARAΒ unless it’s very light and faint and even then, don’t use black on a pail skinned child)

Examples of Okay looks for Children’s Simple and Serious looks:


And here are a few examples of the Fun Fashion Photos, that show the kids’ personalities. (I love this one, these are the pics you know the kids had fun making)


AND last but not least (Because there is a lot that goes into Child Modeling and a LOT you need to be looking out for…. Please try not to make your child looks too grown up. That goes without saying to not apply noticeable makeup…. But also watch what outfits you have them wearing. If you put your child in a more grown up outfit (The styles, cuts or looks of the day) Especially paired with an attitude… They can give off the wrong vibe AND attract the wrong kind of attention (If you know what I mean)

The Photo Below is a Beautiful Photo, but given the way she is presented, almost in an alluring way, with trendy clothing, this look can easily be tipped to look NOT SO FASHION and end up being the wrong kind of child photo.


The Next photo, while being cute, is the WRONG way to present your child as a model. The attitude going along with the trendy clothing gives off a grown up vibe and in turn… ATTRACTS THE WRONG KIND OF ATTENTION.


The Lesson to be learned is that it’s very easy to turn your child’s look from Fashion, to flirty, no matter how they pose or how covered up they are. Simple things can make a world of difference and we all want these gorgeous little ones to be presented the right way…. RIGHT?

But remember it’s just an Eklection Opinion ❀



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