Say Goodbye to Contouring! #Eklection Tip for Summer


I know you have seen all the extra complex, 30 minute contouring processing blasted all over the web. However, unless you are going to a photo shoot… ditch the complexity!

Summer is all about Fun in the Sun and light weight attire, shouldn’t the same apply to your face?

Apart from the heat melting your makeup, it also clogs your pores, which makes your skin even less manageable than normal. So What’s my tip? LESS IS MORE.

Do NOT… I REPEAT… DO NOT apply foundation to your whole face. Trouble spots I understand if the breakout is bad, but the key to keeping your skin is more healthy when it’s not covered in product.

If you are used to wearing a lot of makeup so you feel you need it, I urge you to strip your face of these chemicals and go on a cleanse for at least a week. This will help restore your skin’s natural ability to heal, it leaves it clean and healthy as well as …most importantly LESS AGGITATED.

When you do apply makeup, do so with a little foundation as possible, if you don’t need any that;’s even better.. then apply the bronzer with a blush brush so the contouring is not so dramatic. Summer time is all about looking sun kissed, not made up. And you know guys like the “Natural” look so go for it! We all know the “Natural” look Β doesn’t mean you don’t wear makeup, just means you know how to apply it correctly. Β (See below image for examples) No matter your skin tone, the method is all the same, give yourself some color but don’t get too intense with the contouring.



Good Luck Lovelies!

❀ Kay Diouf


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