#Eklection Runway Recap on City Royals at the #Raw Artists Showcase

Fashion, Photography

So I know you guys have seen me post about City Royals before. It’s no Secret that I’m a fan and I have a feeling that’s not going to go away, so you’re stuck with them!

City Royals Menswear Shop is a little spot in Scottsdale Fashion Square that brings theΒ High Society Rebel vibe to the Street. So if you’r a man with style… you should definitely check out the unique pieces that are sold in the shop. And the best part? If you DON’T have style, they’ll pull it off for you! They always have a style expert at the ready so you can go in with nothing and come out a new person! I love that this shop is not just another apparel store, it’s a Lifestyle Brand.

So without further delay I want to tell you about the Raw Artist Showcase where City Royals pronounced their rightful heir to the Throne of AZ Fashion.


I spent a lot of time in the audience on Thursday…. A lot of time… So much time that I saw some performances twice! (I didn’t know that happened anywhere btw) So I saw the good and the…. Bizarre. Now we all know that the “Artsy” type can be a little “out there” So I wasn’t surprised by what I did see…. But No matter the opinion on each piece, I could still see the passion of art behind EVER delivery. The Crowd got thick around 10pm after which a Great Hair Stylist by the name of “Shawn” held an entrancing “Club Theme” hair show on stage. And I will just say this, it was a great opener for the steamy runway statements of City Royals.

Now to those who aren’t “in” to fashion like me, you may just see a bunch of great looking guys walking down to the end of the stage etc… But what I saw, was brilliance.


The Hostess herself was hot and Bothered while presenting the group of men that would be modeling the City Royal Swag so that set a great tone in itself. Once the show started though… It was apparent that this was the Main Act. the moment we had all been waiting for. Why you may ask? Because not only were the styles amazing, each male model was different, unique, confident and OWNED their look. City Royals brought the High Society feel to the room, Simple…. but BOLD. This show made you want t o know them, made you want to be a part of their circle… made you re-evaluate your LIFE. I’m just sayin!



❀ Kay Diouf



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