Emotions are LIFE: With Photographer Iris Jillian #Eklection Approved!

Beauty, Photography

Iris Jillian

The Photographer who pulls her inspiration from Emotion, not only her emotion though…. ALL EMOTION… and who better to grasp that powerful aura than a SUPERMOM to 4 Children! (MAJOR KUDOS)

Iris is completely self taught & captures beauty that she can find in her own light. She wants not to be even a little famous or WORLD RENOWNED, she only wants to touch your spirit (and hopefully your walls while we’re at it!)

You can tell a lot about a person by what they capture through their lens, and how they capture it, both pre and post production, take a look:

promotional photos6Promotional photo1promotional photo5Jerome16_Promarketingpromotional photo3promotional photo2


❀ Kay Diouf


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