Don’t Kill me Phx >> the #Eklectionist take on what Avant Garde Fashion should look like

Beauty, Fashion, Photography

Although I love my Phoenix Designers, Artists etc…. I must be honest on this one…

Most artists in Phoenix don’t know how to pull off Avant Garde Fashion or looks.

It is VERY easy to turn something that’s meant to be “out there” and intriguing… into a mess.

Don’t get me wrong, ART IS ART and it’s definitely subject to the court of public opinion… But this is my court so BOOM.

I am not calling anyone out because let’s be honest, most of what goes on in Phoenix Fashion is the result of collaborations.

Between makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, stylists and Photographers.

If ONE of these blended talents is a little off, it can throw the whole project off balance so that one incredibly intricate and well thought out looks can be reduced to mediocrity.

So instead of blabbing on about what I think avante Garde should be (cause there is no real answer to that anyways) I will give you a visual of MR Rocky Gathercole’s Designs (From the Philippines. ENJOY MY LOVES!







❤ Kay Diouf


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