AZ Style Alert #Eklectionist and #WhitePrivilege


I am saddened to say that the style scene of Scottsdale AZ (For women) is very lacking. It is cookie cutter at best at Hipster at most. You get the vibe of privilege to the extreme… I blame this mainly on the college lifestyle that conquers the Tempe area and spills over into the Scottsdale clubs and beyond. But even if they were not there paving the way for mediocrity…. There would still be no life in the garments. It saddens me to say this because I love my Beloved Scottsdale. But we need to spruce it up! … Here are some examples


Do you know what I see in these photos? Fear. Complacency. Fashion Flops.

Women in this city are scared to get out there and make a wave with their Body Feng Shui, not make a ripple with their conformity. Their outfits Scream, I live a Privileged life and I want to look like it forever to the tee! Remember that girl next door you saw jogging down the street? yeah there are like a million clones of her around here… I’m just saying. #NoShade let’s mix it up!

A Tip for the trendy girl, trying to pull off Edge. If it Scares you, DO IT. Half the battle of true fashion, true style… is Confidence. If you ave confidence in your look, others will follow suit. Try one of these looks below new time you look in the mirror and see one of the outfits above!


❤ Kay Diouf


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