Another #GirlCrush for #wcw by the #Eklectionist … FT the #Sassy #Seductive #Showgirl #ArianaGrande


Who is your Girl Crush? Our Generation has so many potentials!! There is no secret why I would have Miss Ariana Grande as a Girl Crush… She does the Ultimate Voice Impressions of Legendary Singers…. She’s only 23 but She has so much Style, Sass and Seduction on her side, it’s almost unbearable. With the little ears she likes to throw on, the first thing that comes to mind is #SexKitten BUT I may be a little jealous LOL I love this girl. Here is why!

ari1ari2ari3ari4ari6Ariana Grande In Concert - New York, New Yorkari8ari9ari10ari11

❤ Kay Diouf


#GirlCrush Announcement >> #Bold and #Beautiful #Zendaya by the #Eklectionist


Girl Crush Report:

Took some CA-UTE pics of this Amazing lady off google. Why? Not only is she GORGEOUS and Versatile in her looks, she’s talented in SO MANY WAYS (I recently saw he doing her makeup and my goodness she’s like her very own MUA) She is Bold, She is Silly and she makes you feel like she could be your #Bestie right??

Anywho – Enjoy the pics!


And she has her own Barbie!!!


She even makes FELICIA look good LOL


❤ Kay Diouf

To #Feather or NOT to Feather #Eklectionist #Insight #NewMUATrend


As a generation that takes pride in how beautiful they eyebrows are… how perfectly shaded, plucked and tamed (but hopefully natural) they look…. WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS THIS NEW FEATHERING THING IS CUTE FOR A DAY TO DAY STYLE?? nooooooo!!!

Here are some nice Avant-garde Photos where the artists added in a cool feathered Brow…. 

Here are some Nice Makeup pics with the Horrible new #MakeupTrend that has me so worried… What do you think?

❤ Kay Diouf

The #1 Thing you need to be Fashionable in Life! #Eklectionist has the scoop!


We all know of people who exude this overpowering sense of confidence that makes them undeniably irresistible to the world of Fashion. That person for me is my husband. He can literally get away with wearing ANYTHING (he wore a fox around his neck with a tank top and Atlanta swooned as he walked by) .. 

That is what you need if you are going to take risks in fashion, in this world the sharks can smell fear so if you seem nervous, they will pick you apart and leave you in a puddle of criticism to wither in your misery. HOWEVER, if you don’t allow them to question your selection, you become ingenious. You become an inspiration to people who wouldn’t dream of taking the risks you do. It’s like Kanye West coming out with a line of BUMWEAR with so much confidence that no matter the looks it gets.. it sells. It sells among the top of the line, quality brands that we have all grown up with. 

This example alone, should show you how much success you can have with sheer confidence. 

Confidence, and Confidence alone…

Has the power to make your style invincible to the world. 


❤ Kay Diouf

Starting off hump day right…. With #Camels by #Eklection

Fashion, Photography

What better way to start hump day than with some all natural humps! From Camels that is! I found some really cool Fashion shots with Camels… in the desert of course 🙂

Just a little mix of cultural delicacies…



And a Beautiful Camel Inspired Wedding photo 🙂


And of course I love to show the native style as well! It’s so beautiful…

nativecamel2nativecamel1             nativecamelcamel11

❤ Kay Diouf

Claudia Lanese: Beauty, Art, OBSESSION #Eklection Approved!

Beauty, Fashion, Photography

Claudia Lanese

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the passion this artist has. There are not enough word’s because it is exploding in her Aura. How she speaks about her work is simply entrancing and I am so happy I was able to meet such an amazing artist. Her talent is amazing as is, but the feelings and emotions behind it, is what really makes her stand out from the world…

She has many pieces that are more than amazing, but I am choosing to spotlight her sketches and art of people. Claudia says that she’s OBSESSED with capturing the “light behind their eyes”, and I can see that. So much so that I want one on my own wall!

This one is my favorite:



She really has a talent for capturing the essence of every being and bringing the sketch to life. There are so many people in the world that can draw and paint, but not many that can bring true life to their portraits. I commend this young lady (Although she’s the same age as me lol) for her passion, for her beauty beyond beauty, and for sharing it with us. We should only be so lucky ❤









❤ Kay Diouf

The Talent: Shaw Loomer #Eklection Approved


Shaw Loomer

A true artist at heart who goes with the flow and puts his artistic fate in the hands of his pieces. He has always been an artist and had little to no former training… (Which I love because I don’t have any formal training on ANYTHING and you can see I am awesome right?) Well anyways! As you can see he draws a lot of inspiration from music and his surroundings. I am in love and inspired by his Pieces as he has a way of depicting depth and edge that you don’t get from classes and training… Check out his work


❤ Kay Diouf