Another #GirlCrush for #wcw by the #Eklectionist … FT the #Sassy #Seductive #Showgirl #ArianaGrande


Who is your Girl Crush? Our Generation has so many potentials!! There is no secret why I would have Miss Ariana Grande as a Girl Crush… She does the Ultimate Voice Impressions of Legendary Singers…. She’s only 23 but She has so much Style, Sass and Seduction on her side, it’s almost unbearable. With the little ears she likes to throw on, the first thing that comes to mind is #SexKitten BUT I may be a little jealous LOL I love this girl. Here is why!

ari1ari2ari3ari4ari6Ariana Grande In Concert - New York, New Yorkari8ari9ari10ari11

❤ Kay Diouf


#GirlCrush Announcement >> #Bold and #Beautiful #Zendaya by the #Eklectionist


Girl Crush Report:

Took some CA-UTE pics of this Amazing lady off google. Why? Not only is she GORGEOUS and Versatile in her looks, she’s talented in SO MANY WAYS (I recently saw he doing her makeup and my goodness she’s like her very own MUA) She is Bold, She is Silly and she makes you feel like she could be your #Bestie right??

Anywho – Enjoy the pics!


And she has her own Barbie!!!


She even makes FELICIA look good LOL


❤ Kay Diouf



So you have probably heard of many of these top paid high fashion models… hence the reason they are so well paid. But they are not in order of MY favorites. So I will introduce them … here we go!


Gisele Bundchen


Adriana Lima


Karlie Kloss


Kendall Jenner


Rosie Huntington


Gigi Hadid


Cara Delevigne


Candice Swanepoel


Liu Wen


Miranda Kerr


Okay!! so now that you have to top paid here are my top fave!!!

Gigi Hadid is simply smoldering in everything she does, she could wear rags and make you want those rags! She is by far the best of our generation of models in my eyes 🙂


Kendall Jenner is my next Fave because she has such and American Girl Spirit (Shania Twain vibe, sorry if you’re not a country fan) and she is that little girl we all watch blossom into a classy, go-getter and take the modeling world by storm. She is an inspiration to us all ❤ And she’s so humble!!


And last but not least…. Cara Delevigne… Because she’s gorgeous but she also has this look that she can totally run with the boys AND kick your ass. She’s the tomboy you used to be, the one that wouldn’t be too prissy to get her hands dirty and that is so totally bad ass that you can’t help but vibe with her. BOOM


And there are my faves… Cause I am the New Americana 😉

❤ Kay Diouf

Our Top Ten #Instagram Posts #Eklectionist Spotlight! #IGFOLLOW

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In case you hadn’t seen, I love our Instagram… Mainly cause I like pretty pictures of Gorgeous things! Giving shout outs and emphasizing certain styles, It just brightens up my whole day! So just to flaunt how much I love it, here are our top 10 rated posts of all time (So Far)….

Enjoy Darlings!





❤ Kay Diouf

Socialites Dominate the 2010s #Clone style #Eklectionist Insight


I can’t say I don’t like it cause let’s face it, these socialites are HOT….

BUT the problem I have with it, most of the brunette socialites of today are practically clones in the way they do their hair, makeup, down to what they wear and how they pose.

Do you ever wonder what any of these girls are ACTUALLY like?

Do they have any personality at all or are they simply…. Blah.

Obviously we live in a materialistic and visual world, everything is presented via text or photo or snapchat… but that means they really don’t need to have PERSONALITY…. Which totally kills it for me lo.

I like people that mix it up!

Just as an example… here are some pics of what I am talking about… and my main picture for this is Kylie Jenner… why you may ask? Because she looks to be the trademark for all cloning of the brunette socialite clan. (I sound like a crazy person right) lol don’t act like you aren’t thinking the SAME THING 😉

br1 br2 br3 br4 br5 br6 br7 br8 br9 br10 br11 br12 br13 br14 br15

❤ Kay Diouf

#Selfies from #Eklection for #FashionableFriday !!

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So I missed National Selfie day … But I Don’t Care!

To me every day is #World Selfie Day  and today I get to merge my Mini Selfie Shoot with #FashionableFriday !!!

Check it out ❤ Photography by me, Styling by me, Makeup by me, Hair by me and Model is ME!

❤ Kay Diouf



Wealthy Wednesdays with #Eklection

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All Hail Wealthy Wednesdays … The Day where you are either stuck in your 9 to 5, or you decide to go for something more. Whether in Wealth of the Pocket or Wealth of the mind. I have no judgement, it’s up to you to decide…


❤ Kay Diouf

Say Goodbye to Contouring! #Eklection Tip for Summer


I know you have seen all the extra complex, 30 minute contouring processing blasted all over the web. However, unless you are going to a photo shoot… ditch the complexity!

Summer is all about Fun in the Sun and light weight attire, shouldn’t the same apply to your face?

Apart from the heat melting your makeup, it also clogs your pores, which makes your skin even less manageable than normal. So What’s my tip? LESS IS MORE.

Do NOT… I REPEAT… DO NOT apply foundation to your whole face. Trouble spots I understand if the breakout is bad, but the key to keeping your skin is more healthy when it’s not covered in product.

If you are used to wearing a lot of makeup so you feel you need it, I urge you to strip your face of these chemicals and go on a cleanse for at least a week. This will help restore your skin’s natural ability to heal, it leaves it clean and healthy as well as …most importantly LESS AGGITATED.

When you do apply makeup, do so with a little foundation as possible, if you don’t need any that;’s even better.. then apply the bronzer with a blush brush so the contouring is not so dramatic. Summer time is all about looking sun kissed, not made up. And you know guys like the “Natural” look so go for it! We all know the “Natural” look  doesn’t mean you don’t wear makeup, just means you know how to apply it correctly.  (See below image for examples) No matter your skin tone, the method is all the same, give yourself some color but don’t get too intense with the contouring.



Good Luck Lovelies!

❤ Kay Diouf

#Eklection Insight on “The Sisters” #Kardashian #Jenner Combo

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Nope! No Pics of Kim. Just admiring the bloodline is all ❤ This is the most Sought after family in the WORLD sorry everyone… it’s true! No matter what way you look at it, people are and will always be watching, talking and arguing about these ladies.

I have gathered a few of my favorite pics of the Sisters (Not of Kim cause who hasn’t seen Kim right? lol I still love her don’t get me wrong)

If you don’t follow these ladies, here is a little treat, if you DO… here is a reminder of why they will always be a source of Chatter and Hate. ❤ No Shade here, I LOVE THEM ALL!! #Eklection Approved


❤ Kay Diouf