Another #GirlCrush for #wcw by the #Eklectionist … FT the #Sassy #Seductive #Showgirl #ArianaGrande


Who is your Girl Crush? Our Generation has so many potentials!! There is no secret why I would have Miss Ariana Grande as a Girl Crush… She does the Ultimate Voice Impressions of Legendary Singers…. She’s only 23 but She has so much Style, Sass and Seduction on her side, it’s almost unbearable. With the little ears she likes to throw on, the first thing that comes to mind is #SexKitten BUT I may be a little jealous LOL I love this girl. Here is why!

ari1ari2ari3ari4ari6Ariana Grande In Concert - New York, New Yorkari8ari9ari10ari11

❤ Kay Diouf


#GirlCrush Announcement >> #Bold and #Beautiful #Zendaya by the #Eklectionist


Girl Crush Report:

Took some CA-UTE pics of this Amazing lady off google. Why? Not only is she GORGEOUS and Versatile in her looks, she’s talented in SO MANY WAYS (I recently saw he doing her makeup and my goodness she’s like her very own MUA) She is Bold, She is Silly and she makes you feel like she could be your #Bestie right??

Anywho – Enjoy the pics!


And she has her own Barbie!!!


She even makes FELICIA look good LOL


❤ Kay Diouf

Socialites Dominate the 2010s #Clone style #Eklectionist Insight


I can’t say I don’t like it cause let’s face it, these socialites are HOT….

BUT the problem I have with it, most of the brunette socialites of today are practically clones in the way they do their hair, makeup, down to what they wear and how they pose.

Do you ever wonder what any of these girls are ACTUALLY like?

Do they have any personality at all or are they simply…. Blah.

Obviously we live in a materialistic and visual world, everything is presented via text or photo or snapchat… but that means they really don’t need to have PERSONALITY…. Which totally kills it for me lo.

I like people that mix it up!

Just as an example… here are some pics of what I am talking about… and my main picture for this is Kylie Jenner… why you may ask? Because she looks to be the trademark for all cloning of the brunette socialite clan. (I sound like a crazy person right) lol don’t act like you aren’t thinking the SAME THING 😉

br1 br2 br3 br4 br5 br6 br7 br8 br9 br10 br11 br12 br13 br14 br15

❤ Kay Diouf