#Hawt #HipHop with a #HighFashion Vibe By The #Eklectionist


Don’t Ever think that a Hip Hop feel will diminish your Glamorous, Upper Echelon Vibe. If you know style, you know that Blowing people away with QUALITY Cultural looks, can be pulled off in the most Awe striking Ways. 

Here are some Hawt Examples of Women Pulling this off, seamlessly. Do you think it takes away from their Status in life? Comment Below!



❤ Kay Diouf    XOXO


#CAPTIVATION : A Selection of #Timeless #Fashion Photos #Eklectionist Approved


Whether it is the Model’s Intensity, the Power of the lighting, The contrast of the Style, or the Concept of the Design… These #Fashion photos are by far my Favorite thus far. I hope they entrance you as much as they did I.



❤ Kay Diouf

The #1 Thing you need to be Fashionable in Life! #Eklectionist has the scoop!


We all know of people who exude this overpowering sense of confidence that makes them undeniably irresistible to the world of Fashion. That person for me is my husband. He can literally get away with wearing ANYTHING (he wore a fox around his neck with a tank top and Atlanta swooned as he walked by) .. 

That is what you need if you are going to take risks in fashion, in this world the sharks can smell fear so if you seem nervous, they will pick you apart and leave you in a puddle of criticism to wither in your misery. HOWEVER, if you don’t allow them to question your selection, you become ingenious. You become an inspiration to people who wouldn’t dream of taking the risks you do. It’s like Kanye West coming out with a line of BUMWEAR with so much confidence that no matter the looks it gets.. it sells. It sells among the top of the line, quality brands that we have all grown up with. 

This example alone, should show you how much success you can have with sheer confidence. 

Confidence, and Confidence alone…

Has the power to make your style invincible to the world. 


❤ Kay Diouf

An Old School Fashion that’s #Choking the #Fashion World Again!!! By the #Eklectionist


This trend was popular when I was around 13-16 (So About 10 years ago) 

And it’s making a BIG comeback… And let me just say that I am Ecstatic!! 

I Always loved the choker … I don’t know why I guess I just feel like it’s cute AND a little fiesty based on the kind you wear. 

As  a kid, most of use wore something like this little plastic one:


But now… As a GROWN UP and a Fashion Lover… I like chokers like this:


❤ Kay Diouf


#Style Shoutouts by the #Eklectionist

Beauty, Fashion, Photography

I wanted to just share some of the great Styles/Fashions that have inspired me recently. 

It is important to always look for new things, new color combos, new accessories and new STYLES of course. Challenge yourself and you are sure to inspire others …

Enjoy my loves!

❤ Kay Diouf

Today is #MarchesaMonday > For a Designer with Dresses to Kill and to Die for #Eklection Top 6

Beauty, Fashion

Some dresses are so Fabulous and so out of your league you can only dream of wearing them. This is my list. #Marchesa is by far one of the most talented Designers of Feminine yet Classy, Modest yet Edgy, Stylish yet Timeless.. DRESSES TO DIE FOR.

Here are my top 6

(I was trying to do 5 but could not knock even one off of the list, and you shall see why!)

You will at first glance be astonished by the ferociousness of each look, you will barely see the model behind the dress. The significance of detail in each piece is monumental and entrancing. The textures are so delicate and bold…. I could endlessly describe my thoughts and feelings but some things just cannot be told….



❤ Kay Diouf