To #Feather or NOT to Feather #Eklectionist #Insight #NewMUATrend


As a generation that takes pride in how beautiful they eyebrows are… how perfectly shaded, plucked and tamed (but hopefully natural) they look…. WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS THIS NEW FEATHERING THING IS CUTE FOR A DAY TO DAY STYLE?? nooooooo!!!

Here are some nice Avant-garde Photos where the artists added in a cool feathered Brow…. 

Here are some Nice Makeup pics with the Horrible new #MakeupTrend that has me so worried… What do you think?

❤ Kay Diouf




So you have probably heard of many of these top paid high fashion models… hence the reason they are so well paid. But they are not in order of MY favorites. So I will introduce them … here we go!


Gisele Bundchen


Adriana Lima


Karlie Kloss


Kendall Jenner


Rosie Huntington


Gigi Hadid


Cara Delevigne


Candice Swanepoel


Liu Wen


Miranda Kerr


Okay!! so now that you have to top paid here are my top fave!!!

Gigi Hadid is simply smoldering in everything she does, she could wear rags and make you want those rags! She is by far the best of our generation of models in my eyes 🙂


Kendall Jenner is my next Fave because she has such and American Girl Spirit (Shania Twain vibe, sorry if you’re not a country fan) and she is that little girl we all watch blossom into a classy, go-getter and take the modeling world by storm. She is an inspiration to us all ❤ And she’s so humble!!


And last but not least…. Cara Delevigne… Because she’s gorgeous but she also has this look that she can totally run with the boys AND kick your ass. She’s the tomboy you used to be, the one that wouldn’t be too prissy to get her hands dirty and that is so totally bad ass that you can’t help but vibe with her. BOOM


And there are my faves… Cause I am the New Americana 😉

❤ Kay Diouf

Our Top Ten #Instagram Posts #Eklectionist Spotlight! #IGFOLLOW

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In case you hadn’t seen, I love our Instagram… Mainly cause I like pretty pictures of Gorgeous things! Giving shout outs and emphasizing certain styles, It just brightens up my whole day! So just to flaunt how much I love it, here are our top 10 rated posts of all time (So Far)….

Enjoy Darlings!





❤ Kay Diouf

Don’t Kill me Phx >> the #Eklectionist take on what Avant Garde Fashion should look like

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Although I love my Phoenix Designers, Artists etc…. I must be honest on this one…

Most artists in Phoenix don’t know how to pull off Avant Garde Fashion or looks.

It is VERY easy to turn something that’s meant to be “out there” and intriguing… into a mess.

Don’t get me wrong, ART IS ART and it’s definitely subject to the court of public opinion… But this is my court so BOOM.

I am not calling anyone out because let’s be honest, most of what goes on in Phoenix Fashion is the result of collaborations.

Between makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, stylists and Photographers.

If ONE of these blended talents is a little off, it can throw the whole project off balance so that one incredibly intricate and well thought out looks can be reduced to mediocrity.

So instead of blabbing on about what I think avante Garde should be (cause there is no real answer to that anyways) I will give you a visual of MR Rocky Gathercole’s Designs (From the Philippines. ENJOY MY LOVES!







❤ Kay Diouf

What the #Eklectionist loves about the #LittleBlackDress

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What’s not to like about the Little Black Dress really? 

But the reasons I love it? There are no genre exclusions, you can rock the little black dress whether you are grunge, posh, urban, eccentric or high fashion. 

You can rock it will color, you can rock it with cutouts you can rock it in ANY MATERIAL and at any length. You can rock it short and not look trashy, you can rock it a little longer and not look like a nun. 

I love it because no matter who you are, what your style is, YOU can make it work. 

Just check out these Style examples!

And then there are THESE…… 



❤ Kay Diouf

#WaterShots Cause it’s Wednesday… by the #Eklectionist

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#WaterWednesday by the #Eklectionist

If you live in Arizona in the summer (The Valley that is) there are three options for Water Fashion….

You will either be Swimming in it because the Heat is a scorching Dry 110+ … It feels sooo nice and looks pretty cool too 😉

Or you will be DRENCHED by it on account of Monsoon Season…. (These shots are pretty hard to get)

OR you will be taking super hawt headshots with your hair wet cause they make some of the best shots J

Either way, I found some cool inspiration for you!

No Joke though, stay inside if there is a monsoon reeking havoc LOL

Enjoy ❤


❤ Kay Diouf

#Eklection Feature: #RohringBeauty #Phoenix #MUA

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Ashley Rohrbacker of Rohring Beauty

Inspired by her own internal Beauty Board, (and legendary makeup artists like Linda Hallberg) Ashley has brought Bold but classy looks to the faces of many. Although she is a newbie of only 2 years in the industry, she has been doing this her whole life. I feel the best artists are those who have practiced their whole lives, and she definitely has (what’s better practice that your own face right?)

We all love makeup but not many of us have the patience and talent to make it work the way we imagine it in our heads… I know I have had days where I wash my face 5 times before getting it right. It’s a gift! And to find a makeup artist that can really BLEND man! I love this girl! But don’t take my word for it, check her out for yourself:


❤ Kay Diouf



P.S. This is Ashley ❤image3

#Selfies from #Eklection for #FashionableFriday !!

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So I missed National Selfie day … But I Don’t Care!

To me every day is #World Selfie Day  and today I get to merge my Mini Selfie Shoot with #FashionableFriday !!!

Check it out ❤ Photography by me, Styling by me, Makeup by me, Hair by me and Model is ME!

❤ Kay Diouf



Claudia Lanese: Beauty, Art, OBSESSION #Eklection Approved!

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Claudia Lanese

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the passion this artist has. There are not enough word’s because it is exploding in her Aura. How she speaks about her work is simply entrancing and I am so happy I was able to meet such an amazing artist. Her talent is amazing as is, but the feelings and emotions behind it, is what really makes her stand out from the world…

She has many pieces that are more than amazing, but I am choosing to spotlight her sketches and art of people. Claudia says that she’s OBSESSED with capturing the “light behind their eyes”, and I can see that. So much so that I want one on my own wall!

This one is my favorite:



She really has a talent for capturing the essence of every being and bringing the sketch to life. There are so many people in the world that can draw and paint, but not many that can bring true life to their portraits. I commend this young lady (Although she’s the same age as me lol) for her passion, for her beauty beyond beauty, and for sharing it with us. We should only be so lucky ❤









❤ Kay Diouf

#Eklection Runway Recap on City Royals at the #Raw Artists Showcase

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So I know you guys have seen me post about City Royals before. It’s no Secret that I’m a fan and I have a feeling that’s not going to go away, so you’re stuck with them!

City Royals Menswear Shop is a little spot in Scottsdale Fashion Square that brings the High Society Rebel vibe to the Street. So if you’r a man with style… you should definitely check out the unique pieces that are sold in the shop. And the best part? If you DON’T have style, they’ll pull it off for you! They always have a style expert at the ready so you can go in with nothing and come out a new person! I love that this shop is not just another apparel store, it’s a Lifestyle Brand.

So without further delay I want to tell you about the Raw Artist Showcase where City Royals pronounced their rightful heir to the Throne of AZ Fashion.


I spent a lot of time in the audience on Thursday…. A lot of time… So much time that I saw some performances twice! (I didn’t know that happened anywhere btw) So I saw the good and the…. Bizarre. Now we all know that the “Artsy” type can be a little “out there” So I wasn’t surprised by what I did see…. But No matter the opinion on each piece, I could still see the passion of art behind EVER delivery. The Crowd got thick around 10pm after which a Great Hair Stylist by the name of “Shawn” held an entrancing “Club Theme” hair show on stage. And I will just say this, it was a great opener for the steamy runway statements of City Royals.

Now to those who aren’t “in” to fashion like me, you may just see a bunch of great looking guys walking down to the end of the stage etc… But what I saw, was brilliance.


The Hostess herself was hot and Bothered while presenting the group of men that would be modeling the City Royal Swag so that set a great tone in itself. Once the show started though… It was apparent that this was the Main Act. the moment we had all been waiting for. Why you may ask? Because not only were the styles amazing, each male model was different, unique, confident and OWNED their look. City Royals brought the High Society feel to the room, Simple…. but BOLD. This show made you want t o know them, made you want to be a part of their circle… made you re-evaluate your LIFE. I’m just sayin!



❤ Kay Diouf