Tips to Help your #Teen with #Fashion by the #Eklectionist


So, let’s not kid ourselves….. Kids have come a long way in the looks department, in large part to our Vain Generation. We are obsessed with our Eyebrows, lips and generally looking flawless. We body shame, they body shame, we talk one way, they parrot that back into their language (things have different meanings now… apparently “bro” is a bad thing to call someone, who knew!) All that in mind, you know that when you were in High school and I DO MEAN HIGH SCHOOL (I am not promoting middle school cuteness sorry) We wanted to look pretty. We wanted people to notice us for our beautiful features and not for that time we threw up in class freshman year…. we wanted people to LIKE us, and who likes someone that can’t put themselves together right? 

SO if you have a  teen (Or if you are a teen… HEY GIRL) check out the approved by me styles to try this year or next. (Gradually introducing new garments is usually better than going all out and shocking everyone, you want it to look seamless, effortless, like you don’t care, even when your anxiety is telling you to run!) Check them out and I would love your feedback!!

P.S. Remember to NEVER wear a top that shows your stomach, cause that’s inappropriate and you will look scandalous, and if you are wearing a skirt, wear spanks underneath… you don’t want a Marylin Moment 😉 



❤ Kay Diouf


The #1 Thing you need to be Fashionable in Life! #Eklectionist has the scoop!


We all know of people who exude this overpowering sense of confidence that makes them undeniably irresistible to the world of Fashion. That person for me is my husband. He can literally get away with wearing ANYTHING (he wore a fox around his neck with a tank top and Atlanta swooned as he walked by) .. 

That is what you need if you are going to take risks in fashion, in this world the sharks can smell fear so if you seem nervous, they will pick you apart and leave you in a puddle of criticism to wither in your misery. HOWEVER, if you don’t allow them to question your selection, you become ingenious. You become an inspiration to people who wouldn’t dream of taking the risks you do. It’s like Kanye West coming out with a line of BUMWEAR with so much confidence that no matter the looks it gets.. it sells. It sells among the top of the line, quality brands that we have all grown up with. 

This example alone, should show you how much success you can have with sheer confidence. 

Confidence, and Confidence alone…

Has the power to make your style invincible to the world. 


❤ Kay Diouf



So you have probably heard of many of these top paid high fashion models… hence the reason they are so well paid. But they are not in order of MY favorites. So I will introduce them … here we go!


Gisele Bundchen


Adriana Lima


Karlie Kloss


Kendall Jenner


Rosie Huntington


Gigi Hadid


Cara Delevigne


Candice Swanepoel


Liu Wen


Miranda Kerr


Okay!! so now that you have to top paid here are my top fave!!!

Gigi Hadid is simply smoldering in everything she does, she could wear rags and make you want those rags! She is by far the best of our generation of models in my eyes 🙂


Kendall Jenner is my next Fave because she has such and American Girl Spirit (Shania Twain vibe, sorry if you’re not a country fan) and she is that little girl we all watch blossom into a classy, go-getter and take the modeling world by storm. She is an inspiration to us all ❤ And she’s so humble!!


And last but not least…. Cara Delevigne… Because she’s gorgeous but she also has this look that she can totally run with the boys AND kick your ass. She’s the tomboy you used to be, the one that wouldn’t be too prissy to get her hands dirty and that is so totally bad ass that you can’t help but vibe with her. BOOM


And there are my faves… Cause I am the New Americana 😉

❤ Kay Diouf

Our Top Ten #Instagram Posts #Eklectionist Spotlight! #IGFOLLOW

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In case you hadn’t seen, I love our Instagram… Mainly cause I like pretty pictures of Gorgeous things! Giving shout outs and emphasizing certain styles, It just brightens up my whole day! So just to flaunt how much I love it, here are our top 10 rated posts of all time (So Far)….

Enjoy Darlings!





❤ Kay Diouf

Socialites Dominate the 2010s #Clone style #Eklectionist Insight


I can’t say I don’t like it cause let’s face it, these socialites are HOT….

BUT the problem I have with it, most of the brunette socialites of today are practically clones in the way they do their hair, makeup, down to what they wear and how they pose.

Do you ever wonder what any of these girls are ACTUALLY like?

Do they have any personality at all or are they simply…. Blah.

Obviously we live in a materialistic and visual world, everything is presented via text or photo or snapchat… but that means they really don’t need to have PERSONALITY…. Which totally kills it for me lo.

I like people that mix it up!

Just as an example… here are some pics of what I am talking about… and my main picture for this is Kylie Jenner… why you may ask? Because she looks to be the trademark for all cloning of the brunette socialite clan. (I sound like a crazy person right) lol don’t act like you aren’t thinking the SAME THING 😉

br1 br2 br3 br4 br5 br6 br7 br8 br9 br10 br11 br12 br13 br14 br15

❤ Kay Diouf

#WaterShots Cause it’s Wednesday… by the #Eklectionist

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#WaterWednesday by the #Eklectionist

If you live in Arizona in the summer (The Valley that is) there are three options for Water Fashion….

You will either be Swimming in it because the Heat is a scorching Dry 110+ … It feels sooo nice and looks pretty cool too 😉

Or you will be DRENCHED by it on account of Monsoon Season…. (These shots are pretty hard to get)

OR you will be taking super hawt headshots with your hair wet cause they make some of the best shots J

Either way, I found some cool inspiration for you!

No Joke though, stay inside if there is a monsoon reeking havoc LOL

Enjoy ❤


❤ Kay Diouf

#Eklection Runway Recap on City Royals at the #Raw Artists Showcase

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So I know you guys have seen me post about City Royals before. It’s no Secret that I’m a fan and I have a feeling that’s not going to go away, so you’re stuck with them!

City Royals Menswear Shop is a little spot in Scottsdale Fashion Square that brings the High Society Rebel vibe to the Street. So if you’r a man with style… you should definitely check out the unique pieces that are sold in the shop. And the best part? If you DON’T have style, they’ll pull it off for you! They always have a style expert at the ready so you can go in with nothing and come out a new person! I love that this shop is not just another apparel store, it’s a Lifestyle Brand.

So without further delay I want to tell you about the Raw Artist Showcase where City Royals pronounced their rightful heir to the Throne of AZ Fashion.


I spent a lot of time in the audience on Thursday…. A lot of time… So much time that I saw some performances twice! (I didn’t know that happened anywhere btw) So I saw the good and the…. Bizarre. Now we all know that the “Artsy” type can be a little “out there” So I wasn’t surprised by what I did see…. But No matter the opinion on each piece, I could still see the passion of art behind EVER delivery. The Crowd got thick around 10pm after which a Great Hair Stylist by the name of “Shawn” held an entrancing “Club Theme” hair show on stage. And I will just say this, it was a great opener for the steamy runway statements of City Royals.

Now to those who aren’t “in” to fashion like me, you may just see a bunch of great looking guys walking down to the end of the stage etc… But what I saw, was brilliance.


The Hostess herself was hot and Bothered while presenting the group of men that would be modeling the City Royal Swag so that set a great tone in itself. Once the show started though… It was apparent that this was the Main Act. the moment we had all been waiting for. Why you may ask? Because not only were the styles amazing, each male model was different, unique, confident and OWNED their look. City Royals brought the High Society feel to the room, Simple…. but BOLD. This show made you want t o know them, made you want to be a part of their circle… made you re-evaluate your LIFE. I’m just sayin!



❤ Kay Diouf