#Hawt #HipHop with a #HighFashion Vibe By The #Eklectionist


Don’t Ever think that a Hip Hop feel will diminish your Glamorous, Upper Echelon Vibe. If you know style, you know that Blowing people away with QUALITY Cultural looks, can be pulled off in the most Awe striking Ways. 

Here are some Hawt Examples of Women Pulling this off, seamlessly. Do you think it takes away from their Status in life? Comment Below!



❤ Kay Diouf    XOXO


Who Writes #Fashion for #Glamour Magazine?? 90’s take #FASHIONDONTS #Eklection Insight


Okay Glamour… not the most credible Fashion Source I get it… But this last article made me CRAZY… Why? You might ask?? This article Said 90’s Fashions that haven’t Come Back but totally Should… take a look for yourself to understand why I Say NOOO.

I was born in 1989 therefore grew up in the 90’s… Now one thing I loved and still love about the 90’s was the music, everything was about feeling good, having fun and being cute. The fashion though?? It was a whole lot of FAILS wrapped in one.

I won’t lie, in High School I did play with these styles a bit, but i was EXPERIMENTING so that doesn’t count lol. One pant leg up, cool with jeans back then, but this was NEVER cute on anything else… especially (Sorry J-LO) on loose pants with heels…. NO.

The Newsboy cap …. ONLY LOOKS GOOD ON CERTAIN PEOPLE. The average person cannot pull it off and I really don’t even like it on Cameron Diaz here, sorry love.

Beyonce is cute ALWAYS but, the Handkerchief hem dress looks so cheap, and always has… so NO.

Paris Hilton is wearing a White Dress with a Bubble Skirt which looks so… Not for the red carpet… Fine for a high school girl or a graduation back then but… it’s an immature look that also makes you look fat if you’re not model skinny. Just saying.

They said “Tinted” Sunglasses didn’t come back, but shades will never go out of style so they are just wrong on this one, ask PRADA.

Name Necklaces were cute yes.. but check your age before you think of putting one around your neck… I say 15 is the max so DONATION BOX LADIES.

And last but not least… BAGGY PANTS ON GIRLS…. NO! Life was all about being a tom boy or looking more “urban” but I am pretty sure that’s out for girls AND GUYS (so go shopping if you still wear them please) this one is a big NO.

The only girl I have seen that can pull off baggy pants and still remain sexy? The one and only  LIYAH (and more recently Keke Palmer)

Call me the Fashion Police today but I MUST Sight a warning on this Article.

❤ Kay Diouf