To #Feather or NOT to Feather #Eklectionist #Insight #NewMUATrend


As a generation that takes pride in how beautiful they eyebrows are… how perfectly shaded, plucked and tamed (but hopefully natural) they look…. WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS THIS NEW FEATHERING THING IS CUTE FOR A DAY TO DAY STYLE?? nooooooo!!!

Here are some nice Avant-garde Photos where the artists added in a cool feathered Brow…. 

Here are some Nice Makeup pics with the Horrible new #MakeupTrend that has me so worried… What do you think?

❤ Kay Diouf


#TribalTuesday by #Eklection

Beauty, Fashion, Photography

I wanted to bring in a touch of tribal to show that some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL ART comes naturally. (Obviously these photos are not Natural however, the depiction is real)




❤ Kay Diouf